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Development of innovative concepts 

Time for a
new drink


When implementing a
new beverage project
different areas have to work in perfect harmony. My consulting services cover the entire portfolio of the development process.


Choosing the right ingredients is decisive for the success of your product.

With the help of professionals, we decide which flavours, extracts, colours and additives to use.


My focus is on the creation of new recipes and drinks and also the optimization of existing products.

The tasting and analysis of different variants of your desired product ultimately brings us to the best result. 

There are specialists for every sub-area in the development of your product. I have been working with companies from all relevant fields in Europe and the USA for many years and can therefore access a large, reliable network.


Über uns

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry and many international contacts to customers and producers, I keep myself up to date on trends and innovations. An advantage that you can benefit from when you are looking for a breath of fresh air and new products on the beverage market.

I support my customers in a variety of activities related to  

- the creation of new drinks,

- the optimization of existing products,

- questions about raw material procurement as well

- the filling, design and packaging.

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